Matching Service for entrepreneur

ENTRE MATCH is a service that allows users to find business partners and meet up online.

The designer’s role in the project

I was assigned as a UX designer who conducted UX research and created wireframes.

Project goal

The goal of the project is to make it easy to find and match business partners.

Target audience

The target audience is below.

Key challenges

It is difficult to manage the schedule of busy business parsons.

Research study details

There are many same kinds of service and people usually use and match some people but, they can’t manage the meeting easily.

Initial design concepts

After matching, users can contact the partner and set the meeting easily based on the recommended schedule.

Sketches or wireframes

These are the wireframes that I created first.

User testing results

The main insight from the user tests is that most busy business parsons use mobile while moving next meeting or free time ,so I need to create a mobile version.

Mockups or high-fidelity prototypes of final, polished designs

These are the Hi-Fi prototypes for mobile.

The Conclusion and possible next steps

The next step is to add some premium features that users can find business partners globally and translation.

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