App for social good

MENTARYTHM is an app that helps users to manage their stressful daily life.

The designer’s role in the project

I was assigned as a UX designer who conducted UX research and created wireframes.

Project goal

The goal of the project is to make people’s daily life more mindful and healthy.

Target audience

The main target audience is people who have difficulties managing their stress because of tons of work and busy schedules.

Key challenges and Solution

Disturbance of autonomic nerves is one of the reasons that people feel huge stress and get insomnia or depression.

The solution is keeping track of the condition of people’s autonomic nerves and advising some personalized exercises based on their data.

Research study details

The research study shows that most people feel some kind of stress in daily life but they don`t recognize that how bad their condition of autonomic nerves is.

Initial design concepts

Considering the insight of the research study, I set the initial design concept that users can use easily and help make a habit to keep track of their data of the condition of autonomic nerves.

Sketches or wireframes

These are the Lo-Fi wireframes which I created first.

User testing results

There are three main insights from the user tests. First, users need clear navigation to measure autonomic nerves score again. Second, users need onboarding to understand how to measure and use this app. Third, users need some features to see their log data.

Mockups or high-fidelity prototypes of final, polished designs

These are the Hi-Fi prototypes.

main pages

I put the navigation to measure on the center of the menu.

Conclusion noting what was learned through the design process and possible next steps

I got realized that there are a lot of diseases related to automatic nerves and it is important to recognize people how their mental condition is by visualizing the mindful score.

I think the next step is creating the logic to recommend personalized content to users.

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